FINE ! ! !

They attack me by many desises to make my body weak.

Fine . . . . . I come to know that my vitality is more stronger !

They meet me with different, different masks and broke my trust again and again .

Fine . . . . . I learn that everyone is not trust worthy !

They broke my heart again and again in every situation.

Fine . . . . . I realised the strength of my heart !

They deprived me for love. Make me desperate to wonder in search of love.

Fine . . . . . I discover the love of being !

They stole my dear ones and convert them into my enemy .

Fine . . . . . I come to know that everyone has a choice !

They told stories of wrong deeds of God, to make me follow wrong customs.

Fine . . . . . I got understanding of false God !

They show only disgusting side of life.

Fine . . . . . I search for good and find more good in the world !

They pop up from every where and tried to frighten me.

Fine . . . . . I got knowledge of matrix ! I sharp my six sense, trust my heart more and follow intuitions.


Change your focus

You are a good person. When you see bad things you become upset. You discuss how this is wrong. Then some one says this is the way of life. Wrong is right. Your blood boils you start fighting. You pour all your energy in that debate to protect values.

Hold on , you are giving energy to that ‘wrong’ .

Because where you focus, energy flows.

Focus on right things.

Let energy flow to the right things.


When you start following Secret first, you just follow the instructions. In Secret Rhonda Byrne tell us to list the things you are thankful. As we are in negative zone of depression and frustration we can’t find any positive things. So Rhonda tell us to list the things you have.

So our first list is always full of household things. Ronda put our attention to the fact that many people doesn’t have this also. So we should be grateful for having these things.

For some days we continue writing this. After some days we realise that we have plenty of things. Then we start realising of having positive memories, opportunities, relations etc.

At this point our list starts changing. Now there are less material things and more nonmaterial things.

Our journey of awareness starts.

Mind your behaviour !

Do you want to change your life ?

Observe your behaviour pattern. It is repetitive. Because you face same type of situations. Change your response.

Without your similar response similar situation can not repeat. Your similar response feeds it.

If the problem is miner you will see quick results. If the problem is major, situation will repeat but it will not have original strength. You have to response each time differently. Actually don’t response emotionally. Because this is the real fuel. Be calm and try to be in neutral state. Slowly slowly situation will lose it’s strength fully. And it has to vanish as it is not getting fuel from you.


Hold the light

Middle of the night my door knocked.

Who ?

Open the door its an emergency !

I open the door. I saw God in front of me.

War against darkness is started. Get ready to join my army.

I afraid .

But God I am not a warrior. I don’t like violence. I can not fight.

You can. Get ready.

I rushed inside the house in search of weapons. I found only kitchen knife. Then I think for a while and gathered many things from glass bottles to broomstick.

I poured that in front of God .

Ok I am ready.

God looked at that pour and laughed.

We don’t need this dear.

Ohh God does not need physical weapons. I thought God need mental power. So I gathered all my anger, hatred, all my aggression.

O k now I am ready.

God looked at my face and with love.

No dear, we don’t need this either.

My aggression dropped and irritation take place.

Then how can I fight ?

Hold the light .

O k ! I got it ! I got it !

I rushed inside and gathered all lamps. Metal lamps, mud lamps, decorative lamps, battery, chargeable lights, I took bulbs also.

I poured that in front of God.

Now I am ready.

God looked at the pile and laughed hilariously.

No, not this light ; my dear child I need the light inside you. Your soul’s light. Expand it by compasion and spread it by love.

That’s it ? I really surprised.

Yes my child, to fight with darkness just hold your light and I will take care of everything !


My babies, Prity & Twity.

Cute, quite . . . . because they are sleepy.

Other wise it is hard to capture them in camera.

When I drop a news paper they attack it & tare it into pieces. They always enjoy this and do this with tremendous enthusiasm. Then they start fighting for each piece of paper. 😂😂😂😂😂 . . . . . we laugh. These stupid puppies, fighting for silly things !

We humans chase materialistic pleasure. We take tension for that. We always fight for that.

From heaven God laugh at us 😂😂😂😂😂 . These stupid humans, fighting for silly things !

Love your enemy !

Why Jesus asked us to do the most difficult thing ? . . . . . Love your enemy ! When we can’t even forgive ! There is no need to say this to animals because they don’t have ego. Humans have Ego.

Something happens, we get destroyed physically, emotionally, materialisticaly. Time passes. Physical wounds heals. We rebuild material things. Situation changes; no threat remains to our physical world.

But we can’t stop hating our enemy. Because our emotional wound is not healed. Why ? Simply because our emotions are attached to our ego. Fighting for our emotional wound is perceived as control over power by our ego. Forgiving seems powerless thus threatening to our ego. So our ego never permit us to forgive anybody; especially our Enemy. Then why Jesus tell us to forgive & love ?

Our emotional wounds contains anger, fear, shame, guilt etc. all negative energy. We don’t forgive means we are holding this negative energy inside. And now we know that what we hold inside attracts outside. We attract more angry, abusive, insulting people and get more wounds !

By forgiving we release these negative energy.

By forgiving you are doing favour to yourself. By releasing negative energy you are making space for positive energy. This positive energy then can attract more positive things in our life. That’s why it is important to Forgive.

Though difficult but not impossible.

I got a wonderful vocal sound healing to forgive. It really helps me to forgive most difficult things. I am sharing that link with you. You can hear this daily until you get rid of your havey garbage. Then fill this space with unconditional love. And this love will help you to heal your emotional wounds. Only then you can move forward to your new life.
All the best !