Different Path

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We are bound to fulfill the expectations of others.  In childhood parents expect us to study hard and play less.  Actually  we expect opposite.  And there the struggle starts. At every stage of our life we are expected to follow which is considered right, useful and safe. If we can follow this then all is well !  we can finish study with nice grades. Can get a job of 5-6 numbers.  Can get married within society’s boundaries.  And can live a comfortable life.


what else you want  ?


Why can’t you be happy for the success of your job ?

Why you have dreams of your music classes ?

Why are you missing your school’s annual day function ?

Why are you wishing that your child should have interest in playing Gitar ?

Because once you want to walk on that path but you couldn’t  ! 

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When you said your parents that you are more interested in music than study;  their response was horrible.  They show you the picture of the failure life of an artist ; and convinced you that the different path is dangerous. 


So . . . . you obey them.  Study hard .  Take job . Get married.  And started wishing that your child should have interest in playing Gitar.

And you wonder; why I am wishing my child to follow that dangerous path  ???

Why I couldn’t throw out the old Gitar which I never touch for fifteen years  ?

Why my soul cries for something  ?

Why I see dreams of music  ?


I think many of us have this experience when you don’t dare to follow that different path .

Did you think why you are fascinated by that different path  ?    Why all worldly joys and comforts can’t make you forget that different path  ?


It is simply because that is your soul’s urge .  Your passion for anything is your soul’s reflection.  That is part of your soul.  So following soul’s urge is natural.  And following anything beside this is different.


You are living your whole life restless because you are not following of which you are born.  But you are following society’s standard path which is different from your soul’s desired path.  From your soul’s point of view society’s standard path is a different path. 


Really, following different path is dangerous  !   It is injurious to soul’s happiness.   After wasting whole life many people realise this !

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Key of success

You decide to achieve something .  You work hard.  Day and night you think about that.  You gave all your life for that dream.  Yet you can not achieve  !


Why  ?   Now you have frustration.  You blame on situation.  You blame on corruption.  You blame on your luck.


Hold on.  Make a list of people who are successful in your field of interest.  Study their struggle.  You may find something for you.


Observe the common factor they have.  They have done something different which other people never done.

That’s the KEY of success  !


Let God Decide

Do you ask to the God for anything. Of course we ask many things. Here is an interesting story .

Once upon a time in a jungle a wood cutter was cutting wood. He saw a man. Man asked him a route to exit jungle. Man was lost in jungle. Wood cutter said that I can show you the way, but in some time there will be sunset and it will be dangerous to travel in dark; so please come to my home, rest at night. As man has no choice he agreed .

Wood cutter’s family welcomed man. Man is served by food and water. Wood cutter gave his blanket to man for sleeping.

Next morning wood cutter dropped the man outside the jungle. Man said to wood cutter that he is pleased with his hospitality. I am a king of this Kingdom. Meet me in palace and asked anything you want. You will get that. King gave his royal ring to show to the gate keeper and went away.

Now wood cutter and his family was discussing . There are many options suggested. There is a need of new ax, or a donkey to load more woods, or repairing of house, or some gold coins to purchase grain. They can’t agree on one point. Whole day and night was wasted but wood cutter can’t decide anything.

He went to the king. King welcomes him and asked what he wants. Wood cutter said that he is confused and don’t know what to ask. He said that let the king decide what is best for him and he will accept that. The king smiled and gave him a big peace of land , a pair of ox, a big house, a well ,  seeds and 1000 gold coins. So not only wood cutter and his family but also his upcoming generations are secured.

When we ask to the God we really ask small things. We ask money, big house, big car, dream job etc etc. But God thinks beyond everything. He can offer you much more to transform your life. So don’t ask anything particularly. Ask God for better life. Ask him for guidance. Ask him to make you capable. And God will flourish you with everything. Try it !

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Surrender to that ultimate power and it will take care of everything . All religions tells this. Do you surrender ? There are stories of miracles which emphasises importance of surrenderance. So we pray and expect God’s help. We keep trying our best and wish God will give results of our labour. We try to surrender. Yes, I said we try ! Why we try ? Because it is difficult.

It is difficult if you stick to your brain. Brain can believe only logical things. Brain demands evidence. On the other hand surrenderance needs absolute faith without question. The brain feels insecure. It arouses doubt. Doubt brings fear. Fearful mind can’t trust.

Just understand that God’s way of work is different. Actually our human brain is not capable of understanding that.

When we were baby we trust our mother. When we get hungry we asked her. We always had trust that she will feed us. That time did you know science behind breast feeding ? But it doesn’t matter.

Be a baby of the Divine. Don’t think. Only trust your Divine mother and she will take care of everything.


Fear is a response to the life threatening situation. When we were living in jungle wild animals caused us fear.

You saw tiger, you fear. Your small brain activates defence mechanisms. Your heart started pumping twice more than usual. Your hands and legs get ready for action. Your brain grasp the situation and takes decision, fight or run.

In civilization process fear shifted from tiger to other tribal people. Slowly slowly fear settled down in the form of social norms. Breaking social norms cause punishment which is itself life threatening because man is a social animal. He can’t live alone. In modern society there is a revolution of social norms. It is reducing fear of breaking social norms.

Yet we have fear. We fear of losing our status, losing our name, losing our identity, losing fame, losing money, losing love, losing emotional security. When we feared by tiger, tiger was real. When we feared by boycotting, as we can’t live alone that was also real. But status, name, identity etc. are psychological terms.

They are not real. But our fear response is real. Our body reactions are same. 24×7 we are experiencing this activation of our small brain and preparing defence mechanisms. Our body & mind can’t tolerate this STRESS.

Get rid of it. You are fighting with the monsters witch does not exist !


Instead of this imagenary war start fearing of not hearing to your Inner Voice. If you listen to your inner voice you can make better choices in your life.

You can overcome suspect which is destroying your relations. You can get rid of jealousy and hate which promotes war. You can understand meaninglessness of the materialistic world; and you will start your journey of Eternal Joy .


Empathy : The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. We see this definition in dictionary. Why we feel that we see this ability only in dictionary ? Is empathy became a super natural trait ?

Earth is crowded by human beings. Yet we always feel that nobody can understand me. Parents & Children, Teachers & Students, Employers & Employees . . . . list can include every relation. Without empathy we are continuing every relation. We get used to it. If someone shows empathy, we doubt. In today’s world without personal interest nobody shows empathy. People are using empathy as a tool. So we doubt. We don’t want to open up. We live reserved in our shells.

We can’t trust. We can’t live transparent. Without trust we are carrying our relationship. Lack of transparency again gives arouse to doubts. Our mind can’t tolerate the burden. We rush to counsellor. To get listed we pay ! ! This is real tragedy of human culture !

Are you wrong man in . . . . .

A wrong man in worker’s paradise, is a story of an artist who can not fit in the world of utility . He is unfit because his art has no money value. He says my art gives me Joy. But joy and art is a waste of time in a money making world. All the members of that world work mechanically, every day. There is no change in their routine. Artist can not understand this and they can not understand his wasting time on art.

In school when you hate studies you identify to the story strongly. You feel you are a wrong man in the school !

Real tragedy occurs when you start earning and feels that you are a wrong man in your profession. But you afraid to express this. Because you know nobody can understand what is lacking.

You have money, you have status, you have family, you have nice house, you have holidays, you have enjoyment of all the materialistic things.

But something inside you always knocks. Attracts you towards something.

Something which you had buried in depth years ago. You get emotional. You feel uneasy in your chest. You don’t want that pain. You don’t want that urge. You don’t want to be diverted.

You grab your attention to your duties. You debate with yourself about right and wrong. You surrender to the reality.

Reality . . . . . reality which don’t give you choice. Choice of hearing your inner voice. You go to work and perform mechanically. You feel tired. Suddenly you get a thought, what if had followed my passion ? I never feel tired for that ! Next second your brain shows you a sign of danger. Nobody does that ! That is not assured !! Way to passion is full of uncertainty !!! Don’t go. It’s like, in ancient times people warns youngsters, don’t cross the sea there are demons.

You feel miserable ! You feel, part of your self is missing ! You wander in search of happiness . You go to parties with friends but can’t enjoy ! You atten family functions with relatives but feels lonely ! You go for shopping and can’t find any interesting thing ! You go to worship place but can’t find peace !

Again you go to work and feels more miserable ! Situation becomes unbearable !! You can’t handle it any more !!! Your heart cries for rebel !

Now you have choice. Can you choose ? You need only daring. And you dare to choose your inner voice. You decide not to listen to your brain. Though you don’t have any plan you trust that God will take care of everything. First time you surrender to that ultimate power. You start following your path.

Now you don’t fear. You don’t worry. You don’t bother. You just live with your true self. And your inner treasure unlocks. You experience Joy. You experience peace.

Now you are no more wrong man in . . . . . .

Bow, Arrow, Target & You

Do you read ‘Alchemist ‘ by Paulo Coelho. It’s a magical book. I say magical because in that book many things are unrealistic.

For example : You see this wall. But this is not wall. You can touch it. But that is not real. If you believe this you can go through it !

Some years back I read this. I couldn’t understand a word. How can we go through the wall just by believing ? How can law of science can be ignored ? But that only Paulo is saying, “Believe ” and you can ! I really don’t understand.

Each time when I read Paulo’s book I experience same. He always writes mysterious things which never fit in logic. Fairy tales also has magical things but Paulo writes beyond that. I stressed my brain. Try to find out, what is this ? But failed. Many times it turned into frustration. Why can’t I understand this ???

Another example is of ‘bow arrow and target’. In my childhood I read a story of Arjun from Mahabharat. It is about the lesson of concentration. When Arjun’s Guru (Teacher) Dronacharya asked all pupils, what they can see ? Many said many things. They can see tree, sky, birds, leafs and wooden parrot (that was target ) . Only Arjun said that he can see only parrot’s eye. Dronacharya get pleased with his answer and allow him to shoot. I can understand this. Concentration on the target. We can do this. But Paulo says bow, arrow and target should become one. Ok, next level of concentration; can try to understand. Full concentration. Paulo puts concentration on next level. He says bow, arrow, target & you should become one. What’s this ? I couldn’t understand. How can it be possible ? I just laughed. Laughing is better than frustrating !

After some years I was in dance class. I was enjoying. Full concentration on steps. Then slowly something started, I don’t have to think about steps. That were done automatically. Rhythm and steps were synchronising. Now I was not enjoying. I was experiencing Joy ! Because now Dance & I are not two things. There was oneness ! And I realised what is bow, arrow, target & you becoming one !

I take another Paulo’s book. Again same experience. Many magical things which you can not understand. But now I don’t get frustrated neither I laugh. I make a wish, someday I will be able to understand this.

Love you Paulo !